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I’ve been working on a story; I’m almost ready to start sending it out to magazine editors–yikes!  A lot of it is about “missing links” like the Piltdown man and “Lucy,” always a big fascination for me, and now there’s a story on the news and a new book out about “Ida,” a possible newly-discovered link from 47 million years ago.

On Facebook, two different friends have mentioned procrastination just in the last couple of days—and it got me thinking. The dogs don’t do it. It doesn’t seem to exist for them. I think in order to procrastinate, you need to have a sense of time and of things needing to be done. Dogs do what’s there in the moment and have no ideas about putting things off. Humans, on the other hand, procrastinate endlessly. It seems to be a human trait; it’s probably hard-wired into our nervous systems. Then I got to wondering how far back it goes. Did it evolve at the same time as awareness of time, and when did that happen? Do modern apes procrastinate? How about Lucy? Did she put things off too, millions of years ago? It’s hard to imagine how things were 47 million years ago and what little Ida, more lemur than hominid, was like. I doubt she procrastinated, but I’ll never know.