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Little Free Libraries


I throw a few books in a backpack and head out to a tiny, tiny library. I open the door and put the books inside. Next time I come by, my books will be gone and different ones will be there…

Lately, I’ve been taking long walks through the neighborhoods of Northeast Portland. I go up and down the streets searching for Poetry Posts like this one and pausing to read the poems.

“Consolations” by William Stafford

love Poetry Posts. A few years ago, I only knew of one. Now there are lots. Every walk is a literary adventure… and now, even more delightful, are the Little Free Libraries! I discovered the first one last summer in the upscale Alameda neighborhood. It looked like a very large Poetry Post, but instead of a sheet of paper with a poem, it was crammed full of books!!! I have since discovered three more. They’re enchanting and adorable. This one is in my neighborhood, about 6 blocks away.