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The iris that I rescued from the bulldozers bloomed this morning…it even has a golden fragrance. I’m so glad I saved it!



Behind Sacajawea Park at the end of 75th Street, there used to be a huge mudflat where geese and killdeer congregated. It was a truly wild spot like the fields and vacant lots of my childhood. Horsetail and all kinds of scrubby weeds and wildflowers grew in abundance. I would sit on a rock and meditate there while the dogs played and explored. It’s all gone now; huge bulldozers came and flattened it all out, scraping off all the plant life and leaving a sea of mud. They cut down the row of arbor vitae that provided shade along one side of the flat.
I still have the rocks I collected there, as well as a plant I rescued from a spot with truck tracks. Its six-inch-tall green blades looked like iris leaves. I planted it in a pot on my deck. It was my last chance to save anything before the bulldozers came. Two years have gone by. The plant grew a little bigger but stayed pretty much the same until two weeks ago when more leaves appeared along with a flower stalk. It is an iris, but not a wild iris as I had thought. It looks like it will be a yellow bearded iris! I’m so happy I rescued it–I can’t wait to see the flowers. I will update this post when they open–any day now.