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Breakfast with my old team

Had breakfast this morning with some of the people I used to work with. It’s been nearly a month since the latest layoff that we all knew was coming. My own job was terminated in this last “reduction of hours,” as they referred to it, and my final day was two weeks ago. Most of us were hired for a brand-new hospital that opened in the summer of 2005. Of that team, only three people remain, including our original supervisor. The rest are either unemployed or saw the writing on the wall and found new jobs ahead of time.

It was fun getting together with everybody in a non-work setting. We’re all going to stay in touch and keep meeting every two months or so. Martha brought Madeline, the puppy she’s raising for Guide Dogs for the Blind. I’ll reference her blog here; if you scroll down a bit, there’s an adorable photo of Madeline sleeping, just like she did at the restaurant while the rest of us ate.

A new software program at work had the unexpected side effect of giving me a hand injury. I’m getting better every day now without the intense keyboarding. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do next and am taking time to de-stress and give myself a break before I make any decisions. Meanwhile, I’m re-claiming my office and turning it back into the serene, cozy haven it once was in the days when I had to drive to work in Clackamas County.