Pups and me

I’m Kate.  I just finished my second novel. My interests are many and include writing, dogs, gardening, sustainable living, meditation, world music, indigenous cultures, and archaeology.


3 responses to “About

  1. Hi Kate,

    I linked to your blog from Facebook. Especially enjoyed your references to Long Beach, The Pike and the roller coaster. I lived in Long Beach and the surrounding area for many years of my life. Would enjoy hearing about your novel. Keep in touch.
    Sally Werk

  2. Hi Kate,

    My name is Jonny Lipford. We might have met at Flute Quest 2011, however, I’m terrible with remembering names. I read your blog about the festival and actually came across this blog while searching for Native Echo Flutes. I see you picked up a purpleheart flute from Marty. I have several of his flutes and love them all!

    Best of luck in all your endeavors! Blessings. -Jonny Lipford http://www.jonnylipford.com

  3. Hi KATE, your a cool woman! If you ever want a road trip. you and your puppies are welcome here with Lindsay and I on Vancouver Island BC Canada. Email us in advance. Peace

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