Busy Spider

I was sitting out on the deck with my notepad working on my new chapter when I noticed a spider suspended between the thorny canes of a rosebush, motionless, waiting. I kept on writing while I debated going inside to get the camera. A very small fly got caught and the spider pounced. She wrapped that fly up fast; its transformation from fly into a mouse-turd-sized crumb was almost instantaneous. She took the fly to the lower right corner of the web and began her meal. A bee snagged itself in the upper left part of the web and the spider left her half-eaten fly, swiftly wrapped the bee, and returned to the fly, saving the bee for later. She finished eating the fly. She went to the bee next, detached it from where it was, and took it to the same place she had eaten the fly. It looks like the lower right corner of the web has been set aside to serve as the dining room. I put my pen and notebook down and got the camera. The spider was so busy feasting on the bee she let me take a couple of photos without running away. I’ll bet that bee was a real treat, full of sweet nectar.


2 responses to “Busy Spider

  1. I remember when canned baby bees were sold in the gourmet section of Gelson’s grocery store. It never occurred to me that they were filled with nectar!

  2. Canned baby bees? I missed that. Actually I haven’t tasted that “gourmet” treat–ugh. I was speculating. The spider, now fatter, is still in the same web. No sign of the bee now.

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