Remember Snail Mail?

It took such a long time. By the time the mailman brought an answer to your letter, the situation often had changed, but…  you had a permanent piece of paper with the other person’s handwriting on it. I saved some of my grandmother’s letters.

I don’t miss it. Email is so much faster and more spontaneous. People tended to worry about paper mail. They wrote it out first and then copyed it out on nice stationery. Half the time, they got intimidated and ended up not writing at all.

Back in Cave Junction, we sat around a rusted little metal table with our colored marking pens and decorated our letters and envelopes with psychedelic designs. I will be going to Cave junction next week; I expect to find the place changed since we lived in a tiny cabin next to the Illinois River. I drew on my experiences there and used Cave Junction as one of the settings in my novel, “A Shack on the Outskirts of Heaven.” It will be fun to look around.


One response to “Remember Snail Mail?

  1. i like email but i like snail mail even better–there’s more feel going into it–and hand drawings and hand illustrations, a lock of hair, a feather, an apple blossom, a butterfly wing…the writer can include things without having to be technologically knowledgeable in order to send it

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