Do they get born? Or do they hatch out of an egg? Do they have a belly button?

Whether born or hatched, I think they start out like naked baby birds in a nest, the wings membranous and leathery like a bat’s–no feathers yet. Hungry, wide-open mouths, eyes and ears sealed shut.

Does the mother stuff food into the baby angel’s greedy, toothless mouth? Angel food cake? A manna-like substance? Or regurgitated worms and bugs? When hungry, the baby angel emits piercing shrieks that tear holes in the atmosphere.

Or does the mother angel suckle her babies? If angels nurse, does she have human-like breasts? Or a row of nipples like a cat? Or is the nipple a spigot secreted away in some weird spot like a kangaroo pouch? Do male marsupials have a vestigial pouch?

I really need to know.


2 responses to “Angels

  1. Hare Goldware-Sorkin

    Frag mir, Kate. As long as they do good things and protect the weak and fragile, I say, “Thumbs up, Angels! May you live long and thrive!

  2. I don’t think of angels as protective beings; when I posted that, I was just coming off “Daughter of Smoke and Bone” by Laini Taylor; and then there were the ones in Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman” series who said something like “We will hurt you, and we will not be sorry.”

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