Mt. Rainier

Early yesterday morning, I packed cameras, a flute, and some snacks and headed north to Mt. Rainier National Park. I planned to hike the Reflection Lakes trail with its spectacular views. Lots of other people had the same plans, but the trail is still snowed in, and the snow is slippery and treacherous. People were picnicking in the trailhead parking lot.

The mountain is a huge, overwhelming presence that fills me with reverence and awe.  It is gorgeous and it is also one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. The last time it erupted was in the 1800s.

Instead of attempting the Reflection Lakes trail, I decided to visit Narada Falls. The spray felt wonderful though drops of water got all over my glasses and camera lens.

The wildflowers are just now coming out; the late thaw made for an August spring.

Tiny little Solomon’s seals, only about half a centimeter long.

These looked like little lanterns.

In the late afternoon, I took a trail alongside the Nisqually River. The glacier-fed water is full of minerals and is milky instead of clear. I found a solitary spot and played my flute, such a peaceful end to a gorgeous day.


3 responses to “Mt. Rainier

  1. Those Solomon seals are so cute!

  2. I love the Mt. Ranier area, Kate. In the past, I’ve wanted to circumnavigate the Wonderland trail–it’s supposed to take a week! I remember seeing a stop-action video/film of the river of glacial ice moving down the mountain back in 1973 in the visitor’s center. So cool!. I wonder if there are a lot of wildflowers that bloom once the trail is released from the ice. Maybe we’ll get to visit this again now that Mara’s moved to Walla Walla. Gives us another reason to visit Washington besides seeing you again, dear lady.



  3. Thanks, Hare. I hope to go back in two or three weeks and attempt the Reflection Lakes trail again. Hopefully it will be passable then!

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