Behind Sacajawea Park at the end of 75th Street, there used to be a huge mudflat where geese and killdeer congregated. It was a truly wild spot like the fields and vacant lots of my childhood. Horsetail and all kinds of scrubby weeds and wildflowers grew in abundance. I would sit on a rock and meditate there while the dogs played and explored. It’s all gone now; huge bulldozers came and flattened it all out, scraping off all the plant life and leaving a sea of mud. They cut down the row of arbor vitae that provided shade along one side of the flat.
I still have the rocks I collected there, as well as a plant I rescued from a spot with truck tracks. Its six-inch-tall green blades looked like iris leaves. I planted it in a pot on my deck. It was my last chance to save anything before the bulldozers came. Two years have gone by. The plant grew a little bigger but stayed pretty much the same until two weeks ago when more leaves appeared along with a flower stalk. It is an iris, but not a wild iris as I had thought. It looks like it will be a yellow bearded iris! I’m so happy I rescued it–I can’t wait to see the flowers. I will update this post when they open–any day now.

One response to “Waiting…

  1. Hare Goldware-Sorkin

    I have such mixed feelings about irides (pleural of iris). When I was pregnant with Josh back in 1977 and it was spring in our part of the world, I would become nauseous and begin to gag whenever I smelled the irides blong. They were so strong! I had had a big passover seder here and had linked all these cut flowers down the length of the table like a giant ribbon–that just about did me in! I think it was mostly purple bearded ones, God luv’em. Well, had my accounting final exam this evening, so academics are done for awhile and I can go back to playing in my garden–I have PAGES of projects I’d like to do. Can’t wait to get started just so long as irises are not involved.
    Love, hare

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