San Francisco Oracle

On my own for the first time, I used to plaster the walls around my bed with hallucinogenic psychedelic art from the San Francisco Oracle, an underground newspaper that came out between 1966 and 1968. I made lots of home-made strings of beads and hung them on the walls between and on top of my makeshift posters when I wasn’t wearing them, and I had one of those thin cotton paisley Indian bedspreads, a blue-green one. My bedroom was a riot of color. The little mono phonograph was all I could afford, but to someone who’d never had a stereo, it sounded great playing the Buffalo Springfield, Jefferson Airplane, and The Doors. I wore that record player out.

The Oracle introduced me to people like Allen Ginsberg and Gary Snyder, both of whom I continue to read today. If I’d known that The Oracle would only be around for a short time, maybe I would have kept the copies I had instead of making wallpaper out of them. It was a wonderful newspaper, and my psychedelic bedroom was wonderful too.

Prompted at Sunday Scribbings: Oracle


2 responses to “San Francisco Oracle

  1. If only! How many times have we all said that about something we have had or experienced in the past. I remember the flower power psychedelic days and had that yearning to be part of them even though my time was past all that, what with settling down with a young family and working hard miles from the action.

    Great reminiscent post.

  2. this oracle brings a luck?

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