Thirty Days

I’ve come to the end of a month of eating mindfully. Summer has turned into autumn, and it’s suddenly too chilly now to take my meals outside the way I did for most of this month.  After thirty days, I feel I’m really only at the beginning of bringing mindfulness to my meals; I’m a long way yet from making it my habitual way of eating. Already, though, I’m feeling more connected to what I eat. I have so much more appreciation and gratitude and feel more satisfied afterwards. I never could remember to say grace before meals; just the sight of a plate of food would make me zone out and not be present even before I began eating, and I wouldn’t even be aware that it was happening. Now, though my attention keeps wandering while I eat, and I’ll come to, realizing I’ve just taken several unconscious bites, I’m staying awake long enough to say “Thank you.”

After today, I’ll keep posting about eating mindfully as I continue on, but less frequently. Writing about it every day has helped me remember to pay attention, as I hoped it would.


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