Coffee tasting

New Seasons was having coffee tasting today, along with a couple of dozen different kinds of cookies to try along with the coffee. There was a big crowd at the counter. I tried several different coffees I hadn’t tasted before, mindfully savoring each. I’m always looking for new coffees to start my day; I don’t like to get the same kind time after time, and I did like one of the ones I tried, the New Seasons Sellwood Blend. I ate a few of the cookie samples, taking time to really pay attention to each one in a very distracting atmosphere with dozens of people milling around. Maybe because I was trying them out, I was able to pay attention, but none of them cried out to me to be bought. That was a surprise–cookies are my favorite sweet. I like them far better than candy, cake, pie, or ice cream. I ended up going home with a melon instead.


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