Feeling scattered

Today has been especially hectic and busy. My meals were hurried along with everything else, and after work I rushed over to Costco to get salad fixings before they closed. Back home, I put away the lettuce and tomatoes and cheese and at last was able to sit down with an apple and stinky-feet-smelling Stilton cheese. I was very hungry, and the meal tasted wonderful but I looked at my two dogs and lost myself in thoughts about how my friend Martha walks dogs at the pound on Fridays. The dogs are walked in a certain order, and they can hardly wait to go out. If you skip one it will be fully aware that its turn was missed and be very disappointed. “You are so lucky,” I told Kieran and Jilly. I finished my apple with less than complete attention, and I was still hungry.

Then I decided to do one of the exercises in the book that I bought, Mindful Eating. The author, Dr. Jan Chozen Bays, included a CD with several exercises. I chose “Asking the body what it wants,” which seemed very appropriate considering that I still wanted something to eat. You get quiet and ask the body, “yogurt? Peanut butter? More cheese? Cookies?” I ended up with a mindfully-eaten slice of buttered toast. Now I feel satisfied.


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