Apple season at last!

It has been several months since we could buy Oregon apples and the ones in the grocery store have been flown in from distant places like New Zealand. Around the beginning of September, the first apples from Washington started to come in. I   bought a few Gingergolds; they were good after not having had any apples for months, but ordinary. Last Sunday, I went grocery shopping and the old-fashioned, heirloom apples had arrived! I bought a couple of Cox’s Orange Pippins, which I hadn’t tried before, and for tonight’s supper, I had a very simple supper of Cox Orange Pippin and Stilton cheese.

The apple was tart and very firm, which is what I hoped for with the pippin part of the name. I hated apples when I was a kid; they were mealy, mushy, and disgusting, awful in every way until I discovered pippins, which were crisp and sour; not very exciting, but I did eat them from time to time. Tonight’s apple had a more complex flavor and its aroma was different as well. The Stilton cheese did not have a pleasant smell and I hoped it hadn’t gone bad before I got around to eating it. I cut up the apple and arranged the slices on a pretty plate with a sunflower on it and took that and the cheese over to the sofa where I could nibble apple slices and whittle off bits of cheese. The cheese was wonderful with the tart apple slices and I savored each bite. I couldn’t figure out what the odor reminded me of until I realized it was moist, sweaty feet! I got the giggles and the rest of the mindful supper was punctuated by bursts of silliness as I’d sniff the cheese–yep, sweaty feet! But so delicious! I’d pop it into my mouth and giggle some more.


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