A “bad mail” day

A story I’d sent out came back today with a form rejection letter– “We’ve returned your work if sufficient postage was included. If not, we assumed we could recycle it.” Ouch! I’m sitting here licking my wounds instead of being mindful. The bowl of soup I had for supper was good, Japanese noodle soup to which I added tofu and chopped zucchini and yellow squash. It was hot and comforting, and I did remember to pay close attention to the taste and different textures once or twice during the meal, but the rest of the time, my mind was going round and round about what to do next. I need to send the story back out (get right back on the horse), but which magazine is the best choice?  I’m leaning toward Tin House but decided to sleep on it first. Decision making is always easier in the morning.

Today I discovered how hard it is to practice mindful eating or any kind of mindfulness for that matter when I’ve had a disappointment, so I’ll try just sitting with that feeling for awhile and letting it be.


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