Wheat fields, almond orchards, and bees

Breakfast was almond butter and honey spread on the toasted heel ends of a loaf of bread, and I was halfway through my second piece of toast before I remembered– Oh yeah, didn’t I decide to pay attention while I eat? The first slice of toast and part of the second had been consumed completely outside of my awareness while I was thinking about how I was going to solve the printer problems on my network. But I could start over right where I was and be mindful for the last part of the meal.

I finished my toast, taking slow, deliberate bites and noticing the rather dry, chewy texture of the bread crust, the smoothness of the nut butter studded with almond bits, and the intense, sweet stickness of the honey. I thought about where all these things came from and imagined the bakery and workers there and farther back to the mill where wheat kernels are ground into flour, and back to fields of wheat. I thought of almonds growing, which was easy because we had a couple of almond trees when I was growing up.  It was amazing to think how many people had worked to make this simple breakfast, growing the wheat, tending the trees, shelling the almonds, grinding up nuts and wheat kernels, and baking the bread. Last of all, I thought of bees collecting nectar and all that happens in the warm, fragrant darkness of the hive. Just for a moment, it all came together in a powerful sense of interconnectedness.


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