Salad in the shade

It was a busy, hectic day at work and we only get half an hour’s lunch break. Usually it takes me almost that long to fix something to eat and I end up eating at my desk while I continue to work. Today, though, I fixed a salad ahead of time, sprinkled with frozen pink shrimp that had thawed by the time it was lunch time. I took my lunch outside and sat in the shade. We’re having another heat spell with temperatures in the 90s, but there was a breeze blowing and I leaned back and breathed deeply, letting my mind make the switch from work to paying attention to my food. I held the fork in my left hand to help me concentrate on the meal. The salad was very pretty–green and purple lettuce leaves, pink shrimp, pale green avocado, intensely red tomatoes, and golden cashew nuts. I ate slowly, savoring every crunchy, chewy mouthful.


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