Sometimes meals remind me of other things

This morning was foggy and cold, and my breakfast out on the deck had to be interrupted to go put a jacket on. I had a peanut butter and banana sandwich with dried cranberries and coconut chai tea. It reminded me of camping back in the days when I used to head out into the wilderness with only my dog for company and crawl out of my tent into the morning chill to huddle over my cup of tea. One morning I woke at dawn to see a mountain lion walking across the campsite. She was one of the most beautiful animals I’ve ever seen, and she walked across the carpet of dead leaves that crunch and crackle underfoot without making a sound. She was so quiet that my dog never noticed her.

I came out of my reverie and focused on my sandwich–the chewy cranberries, salty peanut butter, and bread made soggy by the very ripe, squishy banana.

I had leftover stir-fried vegetables for lunch, and I decided to try holding my chopsticks in my left, non-dominant hand. It was a little awkward at first but it did make me really focus in picking up each vegetable one at a time. It was like learning to use chopsticks all over again. Back in the sixties, a lot of us pretty much did away with our regular “establishment” silverware and started using chopsticks. We thought we were very cool, and until it got to be second nature, I liked the way it forced me to eat slowly and carefully, but I had no concept of mindfulness then. I just hoped I would lose weight.


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