A patient spider

Rain off and on today with blustery winds that blew the patio umbrella off its pole and over the fence, so I had my breakfast indoors. I picked some roses and placed the vase on the table where I could look at them while I ate. A tiny orange spider had set up housekeeping in the window and waited… and waited… for some tiny fly to blunder into her invisible web. At least the web was invisible to me; the spider appeared suspended in mid air.

I tried to pay close attention while I ate slices of cheshire cheese from England with an apple from Washington, but I had to force myself to eat slowly and savor each bite–I wanted to just gulp the food down and get it over with or else take it with me to eat in the car because I was in a hurry to go buy a new computer. I was in fast-food mode this morning; I was dreading the chore of setting up a new machine and especially connecting it to my “secured” home network, and I wanted to get it over with. I felt like there was not enough time for mindful eating and I was not in the present moment; I was thinking about all the stuff I needed to do before I could relax. But I kept bringing my attention back to that apple and cheese, and to the spider in the window who was not in a hurry and just hung there, alert and still, waiting. She had all the time in the world.


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