Burrito for breakfast

In the big cast-iron frying pain, I heated up a whole wheat tortilla wrap, flipped it over and covered the tortilla with cheese and a sprinkling of hot sauce. When it was ready, I added avocado slices and a big handful of baby greens from Earthbound Farm. I took this out to the deck and sat down–then the dogs went crazy barking at a very aggressive, deaf white cat that had come over to heckle my cat. I didn’t know how I was going to get any mindful eating done with all that frantic barking and meowing going on. I set my plate down on the deck railing and chased the white cat back out to the street, and everybody quieted down.

I was hungry and ready to inhale the burrito in three enormous gulps, but instead, I began by picking the crispy pieces off the outside of the tortilla, savoring them one by one. Then I had a big bite of burrito, appreciating the different textures–the crunchiness of the lettuce and the chewiness of the tortilla along with the soft, squishy avocado and the gooiness of the melted cheese. The tortilla and cheese were hot, and the greens and avocado were cold. It was a whole symphony of different flavors and textures, and I enjoyed every single bite.

I’d gotten the greens in a big tub at Costco. Earthbound Farms started out in lower Carmel Valley, California when I lived in upper Carmel Valley. Every day, I’d pass their small field with the rows of greens on my long drive into town to the doctor’s office where I worked. These greens were a real delicacy and far too expensive for me to buy except as a special treat. Lots of people didn’t like them and said they were like eating weeds; iceberg lettuce was what most everybody ate back then. Now Earthbound Farms is a huge conglomerate. The greens aren’t nearly as good as they were then, harvested by hand and probably hoed by hand too–but now they’re much, much cheaper.

Due to the work load, I had to eat lunch at my desk. I managed to stay aware as I ate a few bites of salad, but I kept catching myself forking up big mouthfuls, unconscious of what I was doing while my mind was off and running, focusing on everything but the salad I was eating. Supper was Japanese noodle soup out on the deck, hot and comforting as darkness fell. As I savored each bite, paying attention and loving the texture of the chewy noodles, crickets began serenading the coming night.


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