At last!

The house painting is done! I saved up for this for years and am so happy.


Along with the painting, I got my gutter downspouts disconnected from the Portland sewer system—something I’d always wanted to do, but I couldn’t figure out how to get the downspouts out of the standpipes. But all the downspouts were taken off during the prep, so I bought those corrugated plastic downspout extensions to direct the water to the lawn and garden, and for the front porch, I got a beautiful rain chain. Today Alan told me I need to get plugs for the standpipes to keep rats from going into them. Alan himself hasn’t gotten around to plugging his own pipes though, and hasn’t had any problems with rats. But someone advised him to get plugs and he was trying to be helpful, passing the information along.  Just what I most wanted to hear.

I’m worn out from all the hard work I’ve had to do around the outside of the house so Alan and Erin could do their job. An endless number of things had to be dug up or chopped down. But it’s done at last, and now I’m geared up to sort out the inside of the house. One thing I will miss is having this 1938 International truck parked out in front…



One response to “At last!

  1. Wow is that their truck? Very cool. The house looks great — and I like the way you match the colors.

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