Making the best of it

It’s been a hard week. Bridghid had a nasty fall at the playground with a spactacular, completely displaced humerus fracture on one arm and a dislocated elbow on the other. She had to go to the operating room twice and is now starting her summer vacation with casts on both arms. She’s doing amazingly well though, taking it all in stride.


Bridghid making the best of it

Bridghid making the best of it


My work partner got sick and has been out on medical leave. In better times, the two of us would joke about Hogwarts and give certain people the roles of different professors there. It gave us a giggle and made the work load lighter. Friday, she got the news that her job was terminated and she would not be able to come back to work. It was such a cold thing for them to do, and everything feels very precarious right now.

I was slipping into a very dark mood after my work shift on the Fourth of July, but I fed the dogs, left the lights and the radio on for them so they wouldn’t hear the firecrackers outside, and headed to Mt. Tabor Park with family and friends to watch the fireworks and light a few of our own. It was beautiful there overlooking the reservoir and very peaceful. It did wonders for my spirits and reminded me that there are still moments of beauty hiding in between all the scary stuff. 


Reservoir lights reflecting in the water

Reservoir lights reflecting in the water


One response to “Making the best of it

  1. I love the picture of the lights on the reservoir. Comparing work to Hogwarts is priceless!

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