Stranded Worms

The dogs and I went walking in a downpour this morning. The streets were full of puddles and water backing up around the storm drains. When it rains like this, the earthworms come up out of the ground. Im not sure why. On the Internet, one site said its because it gets too wet and they start to drown underground so they have to come up to the surface. Another site said they come up looking for a mate. Whatever the reason, in urban areas they get into trouble when they come up and end up stranded on the pavement. They have no eyes and cant see their way back and when I find them on the street, all pink and vulnerable, I try to rescue them. Its not easy; they dont see me coming until I actually touch thembut then they freak, squirming and whipping around like crazy. Theyre extremely slippery and impossible to get hold of; I have to find a flat leaf to slide underneath in order to pick the worm up. Then I put that worm under a bush where it can burrow down into the dirt. I saved three of them today. 


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